Ensuring your everyday safety

The City of Helsinki’s safety information

Safe Helsinki

A safe and pleasant living environment and city centre are important for both residents and visitors.
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Safety work

The city of Helsinki promotes security and the residents’ experiences of safety in close cooperation with the regional authorities.
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Personal safety

Instructions and advice on how to prevent accidents and how to act appropriately in various emergencies.
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Services highlights

Air quality now
Check the current quality of air in the Helsinki metropolitan area and read more about the air quality.

Water supply disruptions
Fault reporting service: call the emergency number: 09 1561 3000.

Weather alerts
Weather warnings for sea and land areas.

How to act in various emergencies. In case of emergency, call 112.

Disruptions in electricity and heat
Fault messages in the Helsinki area, call 08001 80808.

Traffic changes and disruptions
Disruption info and Route search.

Radiation situation today
You can find latest results on external radiation around Finland.

Service Map
City services, service contact information and safety services on the map.