Personal safety

Instructions and advice on how to prevent accidents and how to act appropriately in various emergencies.

Everybody is responsible for acting if they detect a fire or other emergency. They should alarm those in danger, call the emergency number 112 and initiate rescue operations in accordance with their abilities. How to use the emergency number 112 >>

24-hour information services for Helsinki residents:

Telephone health service 09 310 10023 – Nurses provide instructions for the treatment of medical conditions and information on health care services.

Social emergency services 0206 96006 – Assessment of needs for urgent social services outside office hours.

Crisis emergency services 09 3104 4222 – Psychological first aid in urgent crises and home calls if necessary.

Poison Information Centre 0800 147 111 – The centre answers questions concerning the prevention and treatment of acute poisonings. The centre serves all of Finland.

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