Water damage

In case of water damage, first check if the damage has been caused by the property’s water equipment or pipes. If the cause of damage cannot be located inside the property, contact the water utility to find out if there has been a break in the general supply lines.

Faults in water supply and leaks must be reported to the water utility’s emergency number. Properties are responsible for clearing up sewer blockages.

The technical emergency number of Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority serves 24 hours at 09-1561 3000.

How to prevent water damage

  • Monitor water leaks. Is the faucet dripping? Does the toilet leak? Leaking is usually caused by old and hardened seals.
  • Monitor the condition of water pipes regularly. The easiest way to detect hidden leaks is to monitor the property’s water meter. If the meter is running when water is not being used in the property, the reason may be a leak in the pipes.
  • Make sure that the water pipes at the property and the water meters are adequately protected from cold in the winter.
  • The sewer is meant only for wastewater, and no solid waste of the property must be placed in the sewer. Hazardous waste must also not be placed in the sewer, including paint, medicines and hazardous chemicals.
  • Be prepared for flooding: clean gutters, rainspouts and cesspool chambers of litter and ice regularly, protect structures and valuable items with covers, and be aware of the risk of an electric shock if the water level rises in the cellar.