Helsinki Rescue Department

Helsinki City Rescue Department works to protect the safety of the capital and its residents and visitors.

The Rescue Department evaluates the city’s accident risks and works to prevent accidents and ensure preparation for different kinds of accidents and emergency situations, all the way up to a state of emergency. Furthermore, the Rescue Department attempts to minimise the impact of accidents through emergency services and emergency medical services.

Rescue services

Preventing accidents
Information on chimney sweeping, structural fire safety, fire inspections, safety training, rescue plans, self-preparedness, chemical control by the rescue authorities and the organizing of a public event.

Rescue operations
The Rescue Department is responsible for performing the rescue operation assignments when a fire, another accident or a threat of these demand urgent measures in order to protect or rescue a human life or health, property or the environment.

Emergency medical care
The Helsinki City Rescue Department acts as the producer of emergency medical services in the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

Civil defence
The Helsinki City Rescue Department coordinates the capital city’s preparedness for serious disruptions and civil defence from the perspective of rescue services.