I See You See

The “I See You See” (Minun Silmin, Sinun Silmin) -program is a program owned by the City of Helsinki. The I See, You See -program supports and strengthens the wellbeing of individuals and of communities by teaching non-violent conflict resolution, communication skills, resilience and media literacy.

The program offers concrete tools to be used in everyday situations. The program supports democracy education and supports the learning of constructive thinking skills and perspective taking. It also helps preventing conflicts that arise from racism, fear, or prejudice.

The program is aimed especially at 14-19-year olds, but offers possibilities for learning new things for also different age groups and professionals working with young people.

The program consists of the following sections:

  • Changes and transitions
  • Relationships
  • Group processes
  • Negotiation skills
  • Justice and teamwork
  • Media
  • Recap

Material requests: turva@hel.fi.