Water rescue

Many accidents on water could be prevented with good basic boating, maritime, swimming and lifesaving skills. Avoid alcohol when moving on water, pay special attention to the safety of children, maintain all equipment in good condition and be aware of the weather.

If in an emergency on water, call the emergency number 112 or the national maritime rescue emergency number 0294 1000.

The sea area of Helsinki totals 500 square kilometres, half of it open sea. There are 315 islands and 110 kilometres of coastline.

Rescue operations on inland water bodies are managed by rescue authorities. All rescue units of the Helsinki City Rescue Department possess surface rescue capabilities. The department operates maritime rescue stations in Kaivopuisto, Herttoniemi and Suomenlinna. The department’s oil spill response depot is in Santahamina.

Increasing maritime transportation and traffic grows risks at sea. Maritime search and rescue is managed and coordinated by The Finnish Border Guard, which is supported by local rescue authorities as necessary.

The Finnish Border Guard, the rescue division of the Ministry of the Interior and coastal rescue departments have jointly developed measures for chemical and other accidents at sea.