Fire Safety

Fires could usually be prevented, as the cause of a fire is often an erroneous act by a human being.

Make sure that your home is equipped with a sufficient number of working fire alarms. Plan and drill the appropriate action in case of a fire with others. Keep fire extinguishers readily available and learn how to use them.

Rescue – Warn – Alarm – Extinguish – Control – Guide

In case of a fire, one must act swiftly but with reason. Situations vary. However, you should always try to rescue those in danger, warn others of the impending danger and report the emergency by calling the emergency number 112.

Fireplaces and chimneys

The law mandates the owner or manager of a building to ensure that the building’s fireplaces and chimney flues are swept according to regulations and that ventilation and air-conditioning ducts and equipment are maintained and cleaned in ways that they cause no risk of fire. Ladders, walkways on roofs and roof safety structures shall be maintained in such condition that chimney sweeping is safe.

Fireplaces and chimneys are swept either annually or every three years depending on the fuel used and the frequency of use.

The owner and occupants of a building and business and industrial operators can order chimney sweeping services from their preferred provider of chimney sweeping services, who employs chimney sweeps with vocational qualifications in chimney sweeping.

Fire safety inspection

The goal of fire safety inspections is to support independent preparedness and to monitor compliance with the Rescue Act.

The Helsinki City Rescue Department makes regular fire safety inspections at locations specified in the emergency prevention action plan.

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