Water quality

The quality of water is good in the Helsinki region, whether we are speaking about drinking water or swimming water.

Drinking water is conducted for the more than one million people in the Helsinki region through a rock tunnel from Lake Päijänne and purified at two water purification plants.

Real-time information on water quality

Water management in the Helsinki area is carried out by Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY In addition to water purification, the authority’s responsibilities include wastewater treatment, water mains and pipes, and the sewer network.

Good water is clear and does not have a smell or taste. The HSY water laboratory monitors water quality daily. High-quality drinking water must fulfil strict chemical and microbiological criteria as well as the normal standards detected by the senses.

Swimming water

Blue algae are the only poisonous algae in Finnish waters. Swimming in water contaminated by blue algae blooms should be avoided. The sanitary quality of water can be compromised by wastewater discharges, surface runoff after rainfall and birds that live on shorelines.

The environmental authorities monitor water quality at public beaches and the occurrence of blue algae throughout the swimming season and publish related information weekly.